Monday, August 08, 2011

Can the tuna industry sink Sea Shepherd?

Or at least leave them high and dry? Thanks to a lawsuit by a tuna company from Malta, Sea Shepherd may be forced to sell the boat they use to harass bluefin tuna ranchers.

According to The Guardian:
Maltese company Fish and Fish lodged a complaint against him in the Scottish courts over alleged damage sustained when Sea Shepherd freed hundreds of bluefin tuna from the company's nets in a a clash off the coast of Libya last year. The Steve Irwin was impounded by the court on 15 July and now the man described by the Japanese as a pirate has just days left to post a bond for £860,000.


Anonymous said...

do you read or keep up to date with the news?
the bond was posted, for a fraction of what you mentioned, and the case will not hold up in court as the company was ilegally fishing in the waters

Anonymous said...

What evidence could they have? They never bordered the ship nor saw any manifest. They should have only reported and not destroyed or put people's lives in danger when they do not have legal rights to take actions into their own hands. If you believe your neighbor has no insurance on their car do you walk over and slach thier tirers? They endangered lives of men/women that are trying to make a living. I may not agree with them 100% but I totally disagree with the protesters! They should lobby for change and educate the people not enforce! Maybe even feed these people that depend on the whale, seal and fish to survive. My opinion.