Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Feeding the world with aquaculture

Aquaculture explained as a modern food source.  This is a mostly fair and balanced article, although a bit biased in favor of western perspectives.  Asia leads the world and Asian innovations are mentioned mostly in passing.  

The world can benefit from aquaculture and this article will help get the word out about what's possible.  

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Colm Barry said...

Actually, we also have been trying "to get the word out" with our team and are currently preparing what we believe will eventually grow into the largest resource page of aquaponics/hydroponics/aquaculture/aquafarming Internet resources. But we are constantly amazed that this one branch of farming/agriculture that may hold the key to feed the world with enough (and healthy) protein into the 22nd century still attracts so little interest, e.g. in the media but also in academia.