Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sustainable salmon farming

Is this the answer for sustainable aquaculture? Salmon grown in locked tanks in Montana? With feed low in fish content? Montana's Hutterites are on the cutting edge of aquaculture.

It's an operation developed by SweetSpring, and it's rated super green by Seafood Watch. Sounds good to me, I wonder how their fish taste? I think I'll find one to try.

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Anonymous said...

Sweetspring Coho salmon was described as "muddy" by a fish buyer (Paris Seafood Conference, 2010).

Hopefully they can get the taste problems sorted out.

Also, the fish feed diet is no less 'fishy' than other ocean based salmon farms. They did try a vegetable rich diet, but the fish got the runs (might have had something to do with the taste issue!). They have now gone back to the same diet as other salmon farms - yet the 'supergreen' label is still given by Monterey Bay.

Fishy alright...