Sunday, July 22, 2012

Global resource fight has just begun

Think food and energy prices are bad? Just wait, it'll get worse.

Scientists offered grim warnings at ReSource 2012, a recent conference. According to the Guardian:

"We are nowhere near realising the full impact of this yet. We have seen the first indications – rising food prices, pressure on water supplies, a land grab by some countries for mining rights and fertile agricultural land, and rising prices for energy and for key resources [such as] metals. But we need to do far more to deal with these problems before they become even more acute, and we are not doing enough yet."

Countries that are not prepared for this rapid change will soon – perhaps irrevocably – lose out, with serious damage to their economies and way of life, the conference was told.

Fighting over fish has happened before, and it could happen again. Cod wars, mackerel wars, what next?

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livo said...

we are running out of resources though most of us in this country are still very wasteful aussies throw out about $5.2 billion in food a year