Friday, November 09, 2007

Great white shark frenzy resembles fraternity party

Watch this video for an amazing look at a great white shark feeding frenzy that results in the sharks appearing drunk and sexually active. It reminds me of a fraternity party, except fed by whale blubber instead of take-out pizza and beer.

A whale carcass off South Africa attracts 27 large great white sharks, with the sharks lining up to eat 30-40 pound bites of whale blubber. As the sharks eat more and more, jostling each other in the process, they begin to appear intoxicated, moving slowly around the carcass and bumping into each other, the carcass, and the film crews boats and observation cage.

Finally, the sharks appear sexually aroused and active, although actual mating is not observed. Perhaps this takes place upstairs in the more private rooms. The film crew believes this may be the largest congregation of large great white sharks ever observed, and the closest thing to observing white shark mating.

One scientist says this film supports his theory that white shark mating may occur after large aggregations of sharks finish a feeding frenzy.

Stunning video. I don't know if the commentary is accurate, but take a look for yourself.

Hat tip: Sea Notes


HODAD26 said...

ayayaya caramba
what great footage

thankful not to many of these in Central America waters
however we do have the occasional large bullshark
but i have been run out of the water surfing here in Myrtle Beach more than anywhere in the world
great idea to get rid of large dead marine mammals,
great idea for bush and his cronies also, lol

Kevin Z said...

Wow! Great find Mark. In the words of stephen colbert, in reference to guy boarding the whale carcass "thats the craziest f*&$ing thing I've ever seen!"

Anonymous said...

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