Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why does overfishing happen?

Because it's too hard for fishermen to leave fish in the water, according to a prominent fishery manager.
It's as if you put a kid in front of a bowl of candy and say "take just one"
says fishery manager Dan Furlong, as quoted in the Hartford Courant.

I guess overfishing is a simple problem, fishermen just can't resist taking too many fish. And at least one manager doesn't think we should expect fishermen to resist the temptation to overfish.

Wow, I'm amazed. The kids who came to my door on Halloween were all more restrained than Mr. Furlong's fishermen. Nobody whined for more I mean candy.


Juha Soderholm said...

Very great article. Overfishing is problem in Finland too.

Anonymous said...

Its so very true...

Small scale example:

You should just watch what happens when one of our hatchery trucks stocks a pond.

People are waiting by the time we get there (the joys of being a state agency...everyone knows what you're doing and when you're doing it).

We will stock the pond; and by the time we leave it seems like they have already taken half the fish out of it that we put there.

Sure. Thats why we do it, but it seems like no one has any self control anymore.

These are just small 10-15 acre ponds, but I think the mindset is universal.

Mark Powell said...

Sadly, it seems fish greed is everywhere. I've seen swarms of fishermen surround a hatchery truck releasing fish, it's not pretty. I hope our fishing future looks better.

Tim Adams said...

"Anonymous" who said "but I think the mindset is universal" obviously hasn't travelled very widely.

Fisheries agencies tend to have much the same opinion of fishermen as tax departments have of taxpayers. Under a non-consensual command-and-control regime, where people don't feel that they have a real voice in the process, you're almost preconditioning such behaviour.

Kerry said...

Additionally, an excellent use of Frog and Toad.

Anonymous said...

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