Monday, October 09, 2006

Puget Sound ocean life disappearing

Here in Seattle we fancy ourselves ocean lovers, but our coastal ocean is dying. Oops, I guess we've been too busy sipping lattes and blogging from wirless hotspots.

Ocean life is disappearing, here and there and everywhere. From eelgrass beds to crabs to herring, it's getting harder to find the abundance we smugly take for granted. And that's before we even start with the troubles we've inflicted on our signature salmon and orcas.

Who's spreading such difficult news? Some biting new media? A series in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, printed on paper every day and sold from boxes. They've put the pieces together and it's not a pretty story.

Governors and task forces continue to work on solutions, but progress is lacking. Will we find the wherewithall to reverse the trend? Or accept a sad decline to where we said we'd never go, the ugly bland life of an urban port like *shudder* Long Beach.

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Anonymous said...

Printing on paper is bad, particularly if it isn't done in a sustainable manner (inks, pulps etc...), but blogging from wireless hotspots isn't exactly based on organic electricity, is it?