Monday, September 08, 2014

James Nestor's fantastic new book "Deep" reviewed

James Nestor’s new book “Deep” is a treat.  I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end, and although I wanted to rush through, I forced myself to put it down because I wanted to think about what I was reading.  I recommend it highly to anyone interested in the ocean or human performance. 

I was surprised at how much I learned, even though I’m a marine scientist with a Ph.D. and a freediver.  I enjoyed the stories of freediving with amazing people doing interesting things underwater, and it was fun to go through Nestor’s personal challenges as he tried to learn to freedive.  Throughout, Nestor manages to convey what it feels like to do ocean research (lots of waiting and lost gear), and his stories took me out to sea. 

The stories of renegade science were new to me, and I enjoyed reading about research outside the strictures of academia.  There is much to learn in the ocean, and Nestor found some unique people that are worth reading about. 

This is easily one of the top ocean books I’ve ever read, and I’ll be keeping it on my shelf to read again sometime.