Thursday, November 23, 2006

The big blue

On this Thanksgiving Day, blogfish is thankful for the wonderful big blue ocean and the fish within.

For the occasional chance to get out there and be a part of it.

For the interest and excitement of being on a boat far from land.

For the amazement of swimming with something big, or looking at swarms of something tiny.

Big waves, bioluminescence, schools of fish that swim in synchrony, seeing forever under a shimmering surface.....a world of water that soothes the soul.


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving is a celebration of harvest, I'm told. It's even called "harvest festival" where I was born (although it usually comes a month earlier, thanks to the shorter growing season).

I hope that we will integrate harmoniously enough with ecosystems to be able to celebrate an indefinite number of future harvests in centuries to come.

Mark Powell said...

I couldn't agree more. Let's give (tentative) thanks to a future of bountiful harvests from the sea. There's nothing I like more than foraging and bringing home some fresh seafood. Oysters if I have my choice, mussels or salmon are also very nice, mahi or tuna if I'm someplace warm (It's snowing here today!)

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