Friday, September 14, 2007

Talking sustainability-the workshop will be blogged

Hey all, wanna join me at a sustainability workshop/class? It's Sep 16-22, and it will be blogged.

Blogfish has the great pleasure of attending a week-long Stanford Business School program, Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability. Not knowing what I'd do without my people, I hereby invite you to attend with me. The format is readings, presentations, discussions, and you too can be a part of it.

Here's my thought...I'll post the schedule and see if I can get permission to post a link to the readings (available online). Then, I'll bring questions/comments into the discussions from YOU, the friends of Blogfish. I'll also try to post on each day's doings (Uplink willing!)

It's a bit of an experiment for me, and I have no idea how the program organizers will feel about this idea, but we'll at least do something. My challenge to you is that I'll be deeply disappointed if I don't get at least one great piece of input to the class from the blogosphere. It just occurs to me, wonder if anyone else who will be there is planning to blog the program. That's my first question when I get there Sunday afternoon.

Now quick, get to thinking, what would you just love to ask business school types about oceans and sustainability?!

One program note, we have a fishing simulation segment, where we form teams and run fishing fleets into near and distant waters, buy and sell boats etc., and strive to maximize profits. Any suggestions on optimal strategies for fleet management? Most importantly, any sugesstions on how to have teams work together to avoid fishery crashes and overfishing, when the goal is maximizing profit? Co-op formation? Don't leave me high and dry without your input, please.


Hodad said...

sounds quite interesting, however these 'business types' probably are afraid of the ocean and under it.
your proposed format seems uplifting,
I would be interested in the 'fishing sim'
as this is exactly what Ted and myself are doing now in Latin America, and it does involve redesign of the artesanal boats
have fun, post as you please

Anonymous said...

I am in the restaurant business and am very concerned about sustainability issues. Will be following with interest what is posted from this conference.