Monday, July 18, 2011

What's wrong with green marketing?

Selling products with a green message...does it work?  Is it morally wrong?  What would you say in a critique of green marketing?

Here's one expert with an answer: 
Most (green) marketing ... is ponderous, lacking in humility, humanity and humor...Guilt doesn't sell, but humor does. We need to sell green by poking fun at our silliest excesses, the stereotypes and ourselves.
Green marketing should make people feel good.  That's not exactly a strong point of the environmental movement.  Usually we're busy making people feel bad for all the wrong things they do. 

Most greenies hate advertising and the people who do it, but there's a lesson here.  If we want people to help save the planet, we should learn from the experts at shifting people's motivations--advertisers. 

Take a look at the two ads, which do you like?  Probably not the green one. 


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Wow, talk about hitting on all cylinders.

Of course greenies are at a disadvantage. They come from the environmental movement, as do conservationists.

It's a complete culture of disavowing "the system" when in reality you have to market within the systems constructs to get through to broad based audiences.

Put simply, you want to reach Nebraska?

Play the game.

I often get frustrated at the eco chamber marketing that goes on with both conservation and the green movement. Playing to your base does not move the conversation forward.

Where are the Marketing Magellans for the green movement?

Y-Green said...

Since Green PR and Marketing is my line of work. I can show you a number of positive advertising campaigns that sell green products.

a good campaign to look at is Tata Motors Nano commercials.

The Nano is a car that runs on compressed air.

Their is also the flip-side to this. Companies that say they're green and say they sell green or natural products, but their not.

Green washing campaigns by Shell and Pepsi show that some big corporations are jumping on the bandwagon. Desperately trying to green-up, but they have no interest in making their products healthier. They're in it for the Gr$$n.

That's why everyone should research products and ask companies questions.

An informed consumer makes the best decisions.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Never heard of the Tata car, have heard of Pepsi though.

Hit me up when Tata becomes a household name and we'll talk, otherwise your Green marketing is just hot air.

Oh, and not interested in the "we ain't got the same budgets" green complaint.

Greens and green products and services do not sell because no one is really selling them.

They are being co-opted by the major players though who have seen the future, read the tea leaves, and have unleashed their version of green on the planet.

I have to say I find the Monsanto gen eng tomato with the fish DNA very tasty indeed...see what I mean?