Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chilean sea bass boo-boo

It's the biggest sea bass snafu since Al Gore armed critics by serving chilean sea bass at his daughter's wedding. It turns out Gore was green, or so we thought, because the fish was certified as sustainable. But now Gore's green may be wearing off...

Sustainability certification is supposed to make sure that buyers can identify sustainable products. However, in a recent study of Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable chilean sea bass, scientists have found 1 out of 5 fish were mislabeled. Some were seabass from uncertified fisheries, and some weren't even sea bass at all. Tuna, greenling, and mackerel sold as certified sea bass? For the full details click here.

MSC critics have found fault with many aspects of the MSC's program, but this is the first time I've seen evidence of substitution in a certified product. This is not good, and the MSC is investigating the problem. Let's hope they have a good answer.

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