Thursday, December 01, 2011

The least sustainable food on earth

What do you think is the least sustainable food on earth? Panda steaks? Spicy Condor wings?

No, food that doesn't get eaten is the worst. Even if lovingly prepared by happy workers using zero-impact methods, if food ends up in the trash then it ain't sustainable.

Where is the worst place for food waste? Restaurants, and diners are beginning to wonder about the problem. What a shame to buy and cook carefully at home, only to see pounds of food thrown away when you splurge on a dinner out.

How bad is the problem? According to a recent study it's bad and getting worse.
US per capita food waste has progressively increased by ~50% since 1974 reaching more than 1400 kcal per person per day
1400 calories per day, that's just a bit less than I eat in one day.

Food waste, the next frontier in food sustainability?

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