Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Effing oyster finds a Twitter gold mine

Effingham Inlet Oyster Farm was a typical oyster farm with good oysters and limited success. Until they lauched a cheeky Twitter account (@effingoyster) and tweeted their way to major business growth.

According to sproutinsights, a social media company:

"Thanks to creative marketing tactics like irreverent hashtags (see image above) and tweeting about hot topics like the nutritional value of oysters, the Effing Oyster Twitter handle became an instrumental tool in the development and awareness of the brand.

Before long, restaurant patrons, owners, and celebrity chefs with massive Twitter followings (like @steamykitchen below) began retweeting Tryon’s posts, uploading images of Effing Oysters, and inquiring where and how they could order these so called “effing oysters” for themselves.

Connecting with Celebrity Chefs

“Now I’m getting inquiries from places as far flung as Tulsa, Oklahoma and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and all points in between, asking about my premium oysters,” says Tryon. Not bad for an oyster-farmer tweeting from one of the most remote places in North America!"

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