Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Commission calls for ocean conservation

Ho-hum, forgive me for being bored.  Another August Panel has said our oceans need conservation action.  But this one is different, this one will really matter.

Actually, I'm not this cynical.  But I might be.

Here's the news:
The Global Ocean Commission has put forward a report on the declining health of the planet’s high seas, the 64 per cent of the ocean surface that isn’t under the control and protection of a national government. The commission is a combination of public and private sector figures, including former heads of state and ministers as well as business people, supported by scientific and economic advisors working on ways to reverse the degradation of the ocean and address the failures of high seas governance. Their report sets out five main problems, from dramatic over-fishing to rising pollution, and a set of recommendations for reversing the decline.
Glad that's taken care of, now it's time for me to go swimming.

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