Monday, June 26, 2006


Back from my field work with a distinguished oceanographer (left), I'm happy to report:

Italy has some fabulous beaches, wonderful seafood, warm sun, and very friendly people. I recommend Sicily and Calabria to all.

One thing I must confess, today there are fewer cozze (mussels) than before, since I ate so many.

Time to go back to work, va bene.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a tad hypocritical to post blogs on

Anonymous said...

the tragic depletion of ocean fish and yet to openly support it in your consumption of seafood?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but; indeed, this is contradictory to your cause.

FishFinder said...

Actually, that seems like the least hypocritical thing to do. It is pretty easy to sit around and flatly denounce everything while offering no solutions. What is difficult is to try to find the balance of uses of our amazing ocean resources that offer not only amazing underwater scenery, but also provide the majority of protein to the world's neediest people.

Mark Powell said...

I love oceans and fish and shellfish, and I revel in diving and eating a few things here and there. I try to avoid eating fish that are depleted or caught with methods that harm fish or habitats. I also work hard to prevent overfishing and habitat damage. None of that seems contradictory to me.

If you don't like polluted air, do you stop doing anything that pollutes the air even a tiny bit? That would mean not using motorized vehicles, no barbecues, no electricity from a utility. Or, do you favor less-harmful methods like hybrid cars? Zero impact seems impossible to me right now.

Finally, I refuse to adopt an attitude of staunch self-deprivation, life's too short for such a grim attitude.