Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fish thriving in Tortugas reserve

Five years after fishing was ended, fish are thriving in Florida's Tortugas marine reserve.

Scientists have found more fish and larger fish in the areas where no fishing is allowed. No great surprise, really, it's simple common sense.

But it's far from simple to get some areas closed to fishing. Some fishermen fight vigorously against all attempts to create marine reserves where no fishing is allowed.

I'm a fisherman and I accept the idea that some areas should be set aside for fish and not for fishermen. I wonder how many fishermen would accept closure of some areas where fish can thrive in the absence of fishing?


Pete said...

Interesting post, Mark. And Certainly a hotbutton issue. I expounded a little bit on it over at Fishing Jones.

Mark Powell said...

Thanks Pete. Your views posted on Fishing Jones (see links section) seem sensible and productive. There is a great need for all advocates of fish conservation to find common ground, regardless of who likes to catch fish and who has other reasons for conserving fish.