Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Does nutrient pollution cause red tides?

Larry Brand thinks red tides are getting worse thanks to nutrient runoff caused by people. Needless to say, this has not made him popular in his home state of Florida.

Florida's agriculture industry, in particular, would like him to go away.

Links between pollution and red tides have been cited by others, so the suggestion is not exactly implausible. But hey, maybe things are just different in Florida where developers have clout and red tides are natural events.


FishFinder said...

Don't be so negative, Mark. All we have to do is figure out how to eat red tide. It won't taste as good as grouper, but you can fry anything, right?

Fried Tide Balls, anyone?

Mark Powell said...

Soylent Red?

TurtleBuddha said...
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TurtleBuddha said...

It is obvious that an influx of nitrates from industries such as the commercial fertilizer industry and the sugar industry is causing an increase in the frequency of red tide outbursts. Red tide emits a neurotoxin which in plain english means a substance that is toxic to your nervous system. Are we really this stupid? You would have to be a complete dolt to not be able to recognize this trend and the whores known as our public officials are just simply being pimped out by the big pigs of industry.

Hey bub that's quite a nasty cough you got there while hanging out on the beach in your multi million dollar home on the beach with a front row view to mounds of dead and dying fish, and other marine life. Oh how did you make the money you needed to buy that house? Oh you worked in the oil industry for a few years and then in the defense industry. Hey bub you know you're an idiot.

Bad politics is killing us.

How profitable can that be?