Tuesday, July 25, 2006

California ocean ecosystem collapse

For the second year in a row, ocean upwelling has failed and ocean animals are starving off California.

The Farrallon Islands northwest of San Francisco are ground zero in the crisis, where Cassin's auklets (puffin-like birds) are in the second consecutive year of "unprecedented" breeding failure.

“How many years in a row do you see this before you start raising your eyebrows?” said oceanographer Frank Schwing.

Blogfish told you earlier about the plankton crisis, and now we have confirmation that the effects are spreading up the food chain. This is not good.

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Da Weaz said...


I am very interested in these issues, but have not been for a long time. I am increasingly concerned about the health of our oceans and the relation to the larger ecosystem. Can you please point me in the direction of the most authoritiative person on the subject of the health and state of our oceans. I am not a specialist in the field, by any stretch of the imagination, but am quite intelligent and can read fairly technical stuff if it is probative.

Please give me an assist. I think what you're doing is incredibly important would like to share this threat with others who may listen (assuming I'm able to get up to speed.) Thanks. I'll check back here, but you're free to stop by my blog (though it is highly political). But the issues that you work on, to me, transcend politics and affect the entire state of our planet.