Thursday, September 28, 2006

Atlantic salmon fishing in Maine

To fish or not to fish, that is the question.

Today's atlantic salmon fishing is good, even though the fish are endangered. How very different from yesterday's story on summer flounder overfishermen.

The difference is reverence for the fish. This year's atlantic salmon fishery, the first catch in 7 years, is all about keeping people engaged and connected. It's designed carefully to avoid harming the fish.

The beautiful words from the salmon fishermen reveal all, they're so happy just to be there. Blogfish can support any fishing where the needs of the fish come first. That's what sustainability is all about. Think about no fishing if the water temperature is too high, to make sure that the fish have the best chance of surviving. Too bad if someone made a long drive to fish that day, sorry. Try again another day. How common is that type of thinking?

If summer flounder overfishermen could show just a fraction of this deference, they'd rebuild summer flounder in no time and have a dream fishery. It worked for striped bass, because the needs of the fish came first.

I dream of the day I can say proudly "I ate a wild Atlantic Salmon today..."

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