Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hope for endangered Redfish Lake sockeye

Idaho Governor Jim Risch helped release 470 sockeye salmon into Redfish Lake today, as part of the heroic effort underway to save these salmon.

These salmon were raised to spawning age in a hatchery in Washington, since their natural environment is soooooo hazardous.

The hatchery program forestalls debate over removing 4 dams on the lower Snake River that kill lots of fish but have relatively few benefits. Some believe removing the dams is a money-maker, but others disagree.

Fishpolitics and fisharguments go on, but at least there are a few sockeye salmon still swimming in Redfish Lake. Not what I would wish for, but likely better than extinction. Are these heroic efforts to save endangered fish a good way to spend money? Or would it be better spent on situations less critical, where success is more likely?

Come back in a century, and we'll know the answer.

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