Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ocean blog carnival (carnival of the blue)

World Ocean Day is June 8, and blogfish will host an ocean blog event. Please send links to some of your best recent work, and I'll post a list of links together with a brief comment.

This is a chance for all of you ocean bloggers out there to come together in one place. I've asked around, and there seems to be enough interest to call this a carnival, as the first installment in a regular (monthly) event. Dare we call it carnival of the blue?

Send your links to mpowell at oceanconservancy dot org, and I look forward to hearing from all of you ocean bloggers that I know, along with (hopefully) some that I don't know.


Unknown said...

Having recently returned from the Bahamas... the Exumas... I am very distressed ... with the amount of trash found on beaches the lack of marine life in and around the coral reefs... I saw no sharks... only one lobster in a national park... very few tropical fish... our oceans and marine life are in extreme danger... we need international policies to start protecting what is left... please let's get going on this...

Anonymous said...

I made a badge to go along with the carnival, if anyone is interested in using it:

Flow said...

I was recently on a research cruise in the North Pacific - I had the sincere displeasure to see a huge net of garbage and logs stuck together about 500-600km offshore.

Keep up the great blog!