Monday, November 26, 2007

Jellyfish swarm attacks UK

A salmon farm was wiped out last week, by a jellyfish swarm that stung and suffocated salmon in a cage. Now a second swarm is floating off the UK shore. It's Frank Schatzing's Swarm.

These "purple stinger" jellyfish are known from waters further south, but their appearance in a mass off the UK is a big surprise in the cold water of November. And nobody expected a killer swarm that could devastate a salmon farm.

One thing that gives jellyfish a boost is the removal of fish due to overfishing, so we may see more of this in the future if we don't stop overfishing our oceans.


Anonymous said...

There has been numerous reports of dead fish surfacing in the Maldives and this month the amount of dead reef fish that has been spotted has increase.It has been blamed form level of salt increasing to lack of oxygen in the oceans top level.

Anonymous said...

Here are the links to the articles

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