Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Diverse interests agree on removing Klamath River dams for salmon

Almost everyone concerned with the Klamath River mess now agrees that removing the four fish-killing dams is in everyone's best interests.

The only holdout is PacifiCorp, the dams owner. And the only thing they're want is money. Strange position, since the company has to build fish ladders if they keep the dams, and the fish ladders and related costs are more than tearing out the dams.

This sounds like a negotiating tactic to get a big fat check from the federal governments, and maybe that's what's needed since the federal government helped get everyone into this mess. Even in the last few years, federal meddling and muddling has created and worsened the problems.

It's going to be hard to fix the Klamath River, and costly, but it's time to get moving. Bring down the dams!


Unknown said...

The last I heard was that groups were pushing a sediment study to be conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers. If this happens (unless it already has) it should be the final nail in the coffin for PacifiCorp and hopefully begin the restoration of the Klamath River system.

Anonymous said...

Not everybody is happy with the deal (big surprise), though everyone seems to agree that dam removal is a nice start to recovery.

One group suggests that guarantees to upstream irrigators will leave flows too low to recover salmon. Another source tells me too much attention is being paid to upstream water, and that recovery efforts should be focused on things like the Trinity River diversions.

Messy stuff.

I'm trying to unravel it, but am handicapped by the need to make a living.... 8-)