Friday, January 11, 2008

Fishing for a pot of gold

Fishing and fishermen can be strange, and bluefin tuna fishing is the strangest. Dedicated bluefin anglers will fish day after day, sometimes a whole season, with no success. They'll even curse other fish that get in the way, inlcuding fish that would make others cheer.

How did bluefin tuna fishing get so strange? Landing a bluefin tuna is like catching a pot of gold--an average bluefin will net $2,500 or more for the lucky angler who catches it and sells it into the Asian seafood market. Recently a bluefin tuna sold for more than %50,000 at the fish auction in Tokyo.

Bluefin fishing is getting tougher as the fish disappear. Not only that, but bluefin seem to be getting skinnier, weakened by unknown causes. Managers have been slow to respond to decades of overfishing of bluefin.

It's a shame to see bluefin tuna, this magnificent "cruise missle of the sea," in such a state.

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J.G. Lock said...

Hmm... Maybe some day ill get out to get some tuna. It is a helluva good price when you score one of those beauties.

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Have fun.