Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ocean bloggers summit

Which ocean bloggers met in DC today? After torrential rains and tornado warnings were imposed, in a futile attemp to hinder our nefarious plots at world domination, we had a fun meeting.

The cell phone picture is rotten, making the intrigue even more intriguing. First correct guess wins a free subscription to blogfish, and some really good advice on which fish to eat.

Hooray for Capitol Hill Oceans Week.

Did I mention that I got to shake hands yesterday with Jim Fowler? Jim was at the CHOW awards dinner, and we recognized him when he entered the reception. If you don't know who that is, you've missed something. Do the words "Wild Kingdom" ring a bell? It was a TV show where Marlin Perkins talked while co-host Jim Fowler cuddled, cajoled, and coerced a thousand different wild animals to have their pictures taken for the TV show. Later, Jim was the host.

Thanks Jim, for a lifetime of memories!


Eric Heupel said...

He's as impressive a speaker today I think as he was then. We saw him a couple years ago at the Aquarium where he brought a few friends and spoke about conservation. We met a spoke briefly with him later at an art show he attended. It's great when you learn you childhood hero's really is who you always thought he was.

Up Welng said...

either that's sheryl kirshenbaum or peter etnoyer has had a significant life alteration...

Mark Powell said...

Right you are, Rick. Please stop by my office to collect your prize.

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet up at CHOW and I hope our paths cross again real soon!

Anonymous said...

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