Friday, June 20, 2008

International surfing day, give back to the beach

Here's a great story, today (June 20) is International Surfing Day. Check out this plug on Patagonia's nice blog for employees, friends, and customers.

What is International Surfing Day? Here's the word from the source:

The goal is simple: take the day, or at least a part of the day, to go out, catch a wave or three and -- while you're at it -- help clean up your favorite beach. In conjunction with the Surfrider Foundation, we'll be organizing a handful of official beach cleanups, but that doesn't stop you from beautifying your own stretch of sand.
So that's it. Now get outta here and celebrate the day of the Universal Stoke--at the BEACH! Here's a fine video to get you in the mood.

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Anonymous said...

Good Job!: )