Thursday, November 20, 2008

Klamath River dams to come down

Blogfish is over the moon, the nasty Klamath River dams are going to come down. PacifiCorp, the owner of the dams, has agreed and the dams should come out in 2020.

There's much to be done, and years to wait. But I think I just might see this river without dams someday.

It's a good day for a fish and river guy.


Shark Diver said...

Epic day for all salmonoids and a few million sturgeon as well. Love your blog by the way we have you are a feature.

Anonymous said...

I have a long family history on the Klamath and I'd love to see those dams come down. There are still a LOT of things to be sorted out before any sledge hammers swing in anger, however. The deal has so many issues, it might not actualy do the deed. Hope I'm wrong on that.

Mark Powell said...

OK, I may have overstated the importance of this recent event. It's an agreement to consider dam removal, and let's hope this leads to dam removal.