Sunday, November 30, 2008

Salmon spawn in a sewage stream

The salmon are running in East Chicago. This month marks the 20th annual return of a prized and ecologically sensitive game fish to a stream that is fed, essentially, by the toilets and drains of this city of 30,000 residents.

So says an article in the

This is a strange story. The fish are invasive Pacific salmon in the Great Lakes, and they're swimming up to a sewage plant to spawn.

But I love the story anyway, because this is nature bursting out with a power of life that astonishes. It's better than a sappy movie where the underdog wins against all odds. I say GO SALMON!

note: photo of Chicago salmon fishing, but it does not show sewage salmon

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Anonymous said...

The idea of them leaping up the pipe, totally adapting to thier current situation and making the best of it is great - a real metaphor for the current state of affairs....