Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poisoned killer whales? Blame salmon be fair...let's blame ourselves since we're the ones who poisoned the salmon. It's industrial disease poisoning killer whales, the toxic effluent of our life and commerce. It gets out into the nearshore ocean in Puget Sound, contaminates the salmon, and really poisons the killer whales that eat up to 500 pounds of salmon a day.

It's a tragic Christmas present, imagine opening up a gift and enjoying it, and then suffering later because of the toxic chemicals that sprayed out onto your body.

Or...ponder the reality of eating toxic food and getting poisoned. After all, what we do to the killer whales, we're doing to ourselves. The Inuit who eat marine mammals have it worse than the rest of us, with poison levels that appear to be making them sick.

But no matter who you are and how careful you are, you're probably getting some contamination from somewhere. Eating organic food helps, but then you might get poisoned from your platic coffee maker, or the flame retardants in your mattress, or ...

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