Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fish poop saves our bacon

Fish worship--is it wrong? Not when you find out that fish poop may save us from death by acid oceans.

Fish eat a lot of calcium and poop out calcium carbonate. And now it seems that the calcium carbonate in fish poop may help buffer the ocean and protect against the acid ocean death caused by excess CO2. Remember high school chemistry and buffers? If not, shame on you. You should have paid more attention instead of ogling the sexy person in the row in front of you.

And now Milton Love, the fish biologist, has penned an ode to fish poop:

There once was a mola (I read it)
Who angrily said (I must edit)
"I nourished the sea
With what comes out of me
And never get one word of credit!"

Milton Love
And you thought I was wierd.

Fish worship quote borrowed from Ray Troll


Notme said...

Thanks for the post. I love the Ode.

Eric Heupel said...

Another reason why the Love Lab is so damn cool!