Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Carnival of the blue 29

The best of ocean blogging for September is now compiled and ready for your enjoyment at Cephalopodcast.com.

This month's edition features the artistic touch of Jason as host, along with the stunning variety of ocean goings-on like Miriam's plastic-search expedition, Kevin and Karen doing science under sail, a pack of snails, pseudo-genitalia on the heads of fish, auks, sharks, and even using nuisance algae as fuel may fuel. Be there or be square.

That's right folks, you guessed it, Carnival of the blue is back. Worthy of note is the handoff of czar duties and privileges from me to Jason Robertshaw, the chief cephalopod. From now on, Jason will be coordinating the carnivals and I'll retire to czar emeritus status. Wonder if that comes with a pension? Hidden deep in the carnival post is some exciting news about my future that you might not find anywhere else, since I'm such a shy fellow.


Aaron said...

Totally off topic, but have you seen this story/video?

It's about a bunch of guys off Florida gaffing a big mako shark that they saw feeding on a dead swordfish. It's not really clear why the felt they had to gaff this shark that was feeding freely on the swordfish. I'm kind of curious as to whether their method and timing for catching this shark was legal.

Monkeyface News said...

Macho guys I guess.