Friday, February 19, 2010

Surfing Greenland

Sandy beaches, nice waves, and warm water in's Greenland.

That's right, warm subtropical water is coming to Greenland, thanks to changing ocean circulation. This is one of the real bugaboos of climate change, way scarier for me than mild stuff like pestilence, disease, and Al Gore saying "I told you so." If ocean currents shift, we could see big changes fast, and we won't like them.

Oh wait...the subtropical water raging through Sermilik Fjord turns out to be only 4C, that's 39F. Warm for Greenland, but still as cold as your refrigerator. Not exactly most people's picture of a nice day at the beach. Of course, blogfish thinks it's a nice day at the beach, like the day I swam West Port Madison and found a flock of pteropods on leg 23 of Swim Around Bainbridge. But that's another story.

Now for some real ice surfing, since I teased you, check out the totally nutzoid video below of surfing on waves formed by glaciers calving. Whoa. » Glacier Wave Surfing: Making the Most of an Opportunity? Pro Surfers Ride Melting Glacier Tsunami in Alaska from on Vimeo.

You gotta ask yourself, where would I find this stuff if it wasn't for blogfish.