Thursday, September 02, 2010

Millions of endangered sockeye crowd into Fraser River

Huh? Wait a minute, this doesn't make sense.

Just when we were ready to close the book on Fraser River sockeye salmon. Just when the judicial inquiry into their disappearance is getting underway. The darn fish won't stop coming home to spawn. It's as if they want to monkey-wrench people's minds just to be contrary.

First we expected 10 million to come home this year...then 14 million...then 20 million...then 25 million...then 30 million. Now it's up to 34 million sockeye salmon and rising. Could it go higher? Check here for more news, and see if the numbers can go even higher!

The world of sockeye salmon and the Fraser River looks very different today than it did just two months ago.

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