Monday, December 06, 2010

Awkward teen white sharks

You know them, you knew them, maybe you were them.  Awkward teens that can't seem to get anything right.

It's true for white sharks too...those scary monsters of the deep have trouble biting prey when they're teens. So when they're little, say 9 feet long, great white sharks aren't really so great.  Teen white sharks have weak jaws that are prone to damage if they bite big prey.

Take heart, human teens, you're not alone.  Even scary predators have awkward teen years.


expansion joint said...

I think almost every mammal can have awkward teen years, they have growing pains.

mary@weirdfish said...

That teen shark is so weird.. Its so interesting to know more strange animals like this. But totally your blog is good..! Expecting for more post about weird fish.