Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Forget what the world used to be like...

...instead we need to plan for how we want the world to be.

Welcome to the Anthropocene, the Age of Man. Our human actions have so much influence on the world that we might as well forget the idea of going back to some pristine environmental baseline.

So says Professor Ursula Heise, eco-critic in Stanford University’s English department, who is busy untangling the environmental stories we tell ourselves.

“We need to shift from thinking about what ecosystems used to be, and how we can get back to an [environmental] baseline,” she says. “The conversation needs to be about to what kind of world we want for the future and to work toward that.”

I think she's right. Even though I wish she was wrong.


Marco Milardi said...


What if the world we want for the future is getting back towards an environmental baseline? It will be artificial (and maybe not reachable) but still..

Urban Fly Fisher said...

Man has shaped the world for thousands of years - in the past this was always driven by needs such as food and water.

The pity now is that it is shaped by big business and the want for more wealth and to please the shareholders.

Who knows for the future?