Monday, April 10, 2006

Are some fish too valuable to kill?

…are some fish too valuable to kill?

Yeah, some fish are too valuable to kill. This is simple common sense, like:

-don’t kill the goose that laid the golden eggs
-don’t eat the seed corn
-don’t butcher your prize bull …and all that.

OK, so which fish are that special?
The last few of something
The really big ones
Females (or males) protecting eggs or young

What are BOFFFs? Big Old Fat Female Fish--they're special because they produce Big Fat Eggs and Big Fat Babies that have the best chance of surviving and reproducing their species. This is a big deal for fish in deep doo-doo like cod.

This will be a bit of a hard sell, who's gonna believe that it's good to be Big and Old and Fat?

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oldwhitelady said...

just passing through and spotted your blog. it was just too interesting to pass up. I like the idea!