Saturday, April 22, 2006

Accidental fish contraception?

Scientists have found troublesome amounts of hormones from birth control pills coming out of sewage treatment plants and into waterways. In some locations, the result may be "intersex" fish with both male and female characteristics

That's worrisome, notes scientist Chris Metcalfe, since intersex fish "usually aren't interested in sex--in spawning."

A new kind of birth control accident.


Anonymous said...

This was my thesis project in grad school, and it's nice to see it getting some attention. Do we really have any idea what all these chemicals are doing to the environment, aquatic species, or us??? We take elements from the environment, and change them chemically, so they make human lives better or even save lives, but how we alter them must have an effect. Up to 80% of these chemicals are excreted in their biochemically active forms. These numbers are not even considering the way our bodies metabolize them into other chemicals. We need more research and less waste!!!

Mark Powell said...

New scary wastes create new scary problems. What new ideas are out there for dealing with disposing of hormones, etc? Home "digestors" for pharmeceuticals? Calling all entrepreneurs.