Wednesday, February 21, 2007

10 commandments for saving fish

Thou shalt not deplete the fishes of the ocean. Sounds good, especially with thunderbolts for violators. But since the recently released "10 commandments" for saving fish came from scientists thay have a decidedly astringent flavor.

Like: "keep a perspective that is holistic, precautionary and adaptive." OK, that's good stuff but who's going to belly up to the bar for another shot of advice after finding that in their glass?

Well, anyone who made it this far may as well read the original g(r)eek version of the hard-to-swallow "10 commandments for ecosystem-based fisheries science" Or...try my 10 commandments for saving the fishes of the sea.

That's right, blogfish wishes to help, so I've translated them here (somewhat loosely):

1. Seek not narrow advantage--think big, learn and be careful.
2. Don't worship old ideas.
3. Respect the old fish for they breed most effectively.
4. All the fishes of a species are important, even the most humble.
5. Harm not the homes of fishes.
6. Let some fishes live for the pestilence is surely coming.
7. Let the lionfish lay down with the lambfish, for they need each other.
8. Seasons change.
9. The largest of the fishes may be gone forever.
10. There are no fishes untouched by people.
Now...armed with this great wisdom...go forth and do good. Namaste.

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