Friday, February 16, 2007

Seafood good for baby brains?

Smarter babies when moms eat seafood during pregnancy? A new study says yes. This surprising result may contradict mercury fears raised in other studies.

Nearly 12,000 British women reported seafood consumption and their children were tracked for 8 years after their birth. Higher fish consumption was linked to higher IQ and better communication skills.
How can we understand the contradictions? Perhaps the British moms ate seafood that was low in mercury. So what's a mom to do? Eating seafood seems smart, and avoiding seafood with lots of mercury also seems smart, since we know mercury is harmful.

There's probably more to come on these complex issues.


Anonymous said...

while i feel that the canning of fish is an unsafe source relative to other packages, i remember though i can't quote that the process does elevate certain metals in the fish. i feel a more acceptable answer to this blog is to direct people to the polution of the world's water, both salt and fresh water are poluted in ways that entire books can be written about. so maybe the answer to why the difference is that some waters are much more polluted

Unknown said...

so, is canned seafood isnt good for the baby?
one of my freind told me canned seafood is a lot better than fresh seafood...because they contain omega 3 that may be lose in fresh seafood if we dont know how to wash it properly...

is that right?
can someone please answer?
as i was giving my son canned of salmon almost everyday...