Thursday, April 19, 2007

Does blogfish matter?

Funny you should ask, I was wondering too.

If you’re reading this…blogfish matters, because you’re here when you could be with Paris Hilton.

If you’re reading this…

…in the office of a seafood business, then blogfish matters because you’re getting into sustainability be informed, then thanks for caring about fish and blogfish is glad to help

…then maybe you can tell me whether, how, and why blogfish matters, so I get a real answer to the question

…among a group of environmental communicators, then we’re doing some nice narrowcasting aren’t we?

…in your bathtub, then you must be strange,

Now since this is blogfish’s first annual birthday editorial week, I’ll tell you what I think. Blogfish matters because it’s useful practice with new media and it may come in handy some day. Meanwhile, we’re having a bit of fun, getting fish conservation into the blogosphere, and doing some righteous duty by standing up amongst some that we have little business being among.

For example, click on this google
search (“is seafood good”) and see what comes up. First a university, then blogfish (“Seafood good for baby brains?”) AND ONLY AFTER BLOGFISH comes Time magazine (“Is Seafood Good for the Heart”), and after that comes everybody else.

Then try this google search for “Ray Hilborn fishery management”
and find the good professor’s work in the top 4 entries, and blogfish’s critique in the next 2 slots.

I say blogfish matters because we’re pushing egalitarian micro-media into the world where it can compete on its merits with things that might have stood alone a decade ago. And it’s well targeted to people who might care.

So yes, blogfish matters, and lacking something better to do we’ll keep doing it. Happy birthday to blogfish and now you can go back to Paris Hilton and her fish.

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philippe said...

Happy Birthday Blogfish :)
As already wished on Voice of Bainbridge... and I hope podcast and/or a short radio segment is next. As I wrote on VoB, Audubon is sponsoring birdnotes why not a segment for the fishes: of course they don't sing but they certainly matter as all the oceans on our water planet (as Cousteau used to say).
Take care