Monday, April 16, 2007

What ho, we're still here?

Happy birthday to blogfish, after a year of fogging up the blogosphere with fishy sense and nonsense. Thanks to the some few of you who have checked in now and then, numbering 13,000 + guests and you wonderful 95 or so subscribers! Drop a note or comment sometime, and let us know what you like and don't like (well, feel free to skip the don't like part).

As a reward to me, Blogfish will have a brief editorial phase, wherein actual news is eschewed and opinions are unleashed even more fully than before.

This is well-timed since blogfish has taken a bit of heat recently and the best response seems to be to pour some more coal on the fire. Make that hitch up a few more photovoltaic cells to the grid. Va bene.

We begin with: what is happening in our oceans and our governing canyons these days? Is there hope, or does doom loom just ahead? Blogfish speaks, rather than just relying on devastatingly witty yet subtle barbless hooks.

Mark Powell

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