Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Want to know where your seafood comes from?

The Alabama seafood industry wants you to know, and they're pushing legislation to force restaurants to tell you the source of the seafood they're serving.

This is common cause between consumer advocates, the seafood industry, and fish conservation groups. Who's opposed? Restaurants think it would be a pain to have to tell people where their food comes from, and they don't like the bill.

Alabama shrimpers are looking to gain the upper hand on imported shrimp from Vietnam and China, and they think good Alabama shrimp consumers would vote with their wallets for local shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico.

How has labeling fared for retail seafood sellers? At least some seafood sellers seem unhappy with mandatory country of origin labeling for seafood, and they'd like to substitute a simpler, voluntary, industry-designed plan.

Letting people know where their food comes from seems like good business all around. Here's to the Alabama seafood industry.

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Hodad said...

This is a great idea and I am glad this particular post was brought into the limelight.
SenorPescado will have the L and L of where your fish is caught, time and date, name of the fisherman and the name of his kid's in keeeping with my committment to continuing the interchange of schoolkids between here in the Carolinas and kids in Central America, a project i initiated in 1992.
Details forthcoming on my websites.

I do believe many consumers, more in EU and UK of course,want these details and want access to this data.
www.fairtradefish.org for HEMP info for the solutionsto many of our current energy needs.