Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Battle for coral reefs

If you've ever wanted to get rowdy and simply slaughter the villains that harm coral reefs, here's your chance. There's a new game at that lets you slaughter anything that might harm a coral reef.

You pick your fish weapon character, hit "start," and shoot all the debris that you can, before the evil fish hit you with exploding weapons.

"Our scene begins three years following the great Arctic devastation. With 80% of the planet now underwater, humanity's only hope is to help heal what is remaining. Clear the ocean of waste, and bring back the amazing coral reefs."

Hat tip: Water Words That Work

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Jeffry R. Johnston said...

This is great, I think our readers are will get a kick out of this. I'm going to post a link on our blog and credit you for the find. :-)