Sunday, March 30, 2008

What does your poo say about you?

I only used to worry about poo if it was getting into the water supply and hurting fish. Now it seems that poo is the hot new thing. People are inspecting their poo and talking about it. All because it can tell you a lot about your health.

From an article at, the writer says:

I looked, all right? This morning, I took a long and unflinching gaze. How do I say this without sounding boastful? There in the bowl was a real beauty, my reward for yesterday's hearty oatmeal breakfast and black bean and rice dinner. It was the kind of (how do we settle on a comfortable euphemism?) ejecta that would make Mom proud.

If you want the ability to diagnose your own poo, check out this handy field guide to poo, What's your poo telling you?

Or not.

Presented entirely without pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Must be something in the water, because the ChemBlog also had a scatological post on Sunday. Of course, their's is about pooping butter.