Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Peter's excellent deep sea adventure

Blog maven Peter Etnoyer actually did some real work, and he's getting some fanstastic results and real-world respect. So much for the stereotype that bloggers are do-nothings.

Here's his description of the new species he discovered, a new species of deep-sea bamboo coral, a calcareous sea fan called Isidella.

Even more stunning, here's a YouTube video of the actual moment of discovery. Set to music, it's a poignant chronicle of the great passion of discovery, and the clumsy, robotic moves involved in plucking a specimen off the sea bottom and pocketing it for later study.

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Peter Etnoyer said...

Thanks Mark you're totally awesome. You're absolutely right about the clumsy robot sentiment. There's a video pairing Carla Bruni music with workclass ROV footage that's the same kinda funny. Gotta dig that up for you sometime.