Monday, March 09, 2009

Fishing award to Cheney raises hackles

I thought Dick Cheney, as a lifelong fisherman and hunter, was popular with the hook and bullet crowd. But here's a rousing story that demonstrates that thinking sportsmen and women aren't that impressed with the former Vice President just because he carries a gun and uses it.

The story was broken by the venerable Ted Williams, after learning that the American Museum of Fly Fishing planned to honor Cheney by having him be the guest of honor at their annual meeting. With typically soft opinions, Williams reports his view on fishermen honoring the former Vice President:

applying green lipstick to this arch environmental villain, aptly dubbed 'Darth Vader' in fish and wildlife conservation circles, is outright whoring
Now the story has been picked up by the New York Daily News, MSNBC, and blogfish. Even Field & Stream magazine is showing rumbles of discontent based on this from their FlyTalk blog:

Dick Cheney, Guest of Honor at AMFF - Huh? If this is true, it is surely a sign that the apocalypse is upon us
It's nice to see this non-partisan outrage over the idea of a fishing group honoring Cheney, arguably the worst conservationist this nation has seen in some time. See, we can agree on some things. Cheney is responsible for serious environmental abuses thanks to a staggering combination of ignoring information and misusing power. I won't go into a litany, but you can find more details in the links on this page, or just google Cheney and environment. Here's just one nefarious example, Cheney's role in the infamous Klamath salmon dieoff.

BTW, it all started with this fairly innocuous little post by Ted Williams on his blog at Fly Rod & Reel online. Just goes to show what a little good blogging can do...

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Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...


Cheney fishing?

The real story is Cheney died of a massive heart attack two weeks before Obama took power. They have been keeping Cheney in the media with 1970's style "Soviet Animatronics", like they did with Breshnev.

They trot out his corpse for photo ops like this one with one arm waving as they splash through the rapids.

If you look at this image closely you can see the guy with the metal "control box" and buttons on it.

What you also did not hear is that the control box got wet and Cheney dissolved into a grotesque version of "Tickle Me Elmo" - they had to reboot him.

Sad really.