Monday, March 30, 2009

Shark fin soup endangered

Younger asians are shunning shark fin soup, partly because of expense but also because of campaigns by environmentalists. Now it's shark fin soup that's endangered, and there's new hope for sharks.

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In Singapore, the Association of Chefs has pulled the soup from the menu at its recent annual dinner, which represents a major shift in attitude toward this traditional Chinese dish.

Singapore University students report that very few people would eat shark fins, partly because of the expense, but also because they're opposed to shark finning.

The British wildlife group Traffic says that with increasing access to information via the Internet, younger Asians are rejecting many of their parents' culinary traditions.
Shark catches are down in parts of the world that catch a lot of sharks, so maybe we're on the right track. But let's wait until the world economy improves and see if worldwide shark catches increase. Then we'll know if it's money or ethics that are saving sharks.

Stop by The Shark Alliance if you want the latest info from the world's experts on shark conservation.

3 comments: said...

I was horrified when I saw a documentary of shark fin harvesting/hunting on the news. Now I avoid shark fin soup whenvever I can. It's terrible what it's doing to the sharks.

Christie said...

I saw the video too. It was so disturbing I could hardly stand to watch.

yohan said...

we should stop shark hunting before its too late....They are like the turtle's story...they have been declining number of turtles in for sharks, i always thought them as the predator, but now their are the victims