Wednesday, August 05, 2009

guilt was never a part of it...

There's too much guilt in the non-profit world. Here's an exciting new charity that is turning heads with success in delivering clean water to poor people. Why? One reason seems to be the attitude of Scott Harrison, the founder of charity:water, a new group that helps deliver clean water to people who need it:
Guilt has never been part of it,” he said. “It’s excitement instead, presenting people with an opportunity — ‘you have an amazing chance to build a well!’ ”

It's an awesome a well, save a child, build a turning off the faucet of guilt that is so popular among non-profits.

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Paul said...

Couldn't agree more, it's nothing to do with feeling bad or guilty about the terrible injustices in the world. On the occasions where I've managed to contribute in a small way to a charity or to just help someone in need, it actually made me feel good. I like that feeling, it's addictive. As humans we're genetically programmed to 'want' to help others, it used to ensure the survival of our group. Living in a very small world, with our 'group' being the population of the earth doesn't alter our natural compunction to want to help others.