Friday, June 08, 2007

Carnival of the blue

On World Oceans Day, June 8, 2007, blogfish is thrilled to bring you Carnival of the Blue. Check out our Carnival of the blue homepage for details, a schedule of rotating hosts, and how to sign up. Now enjoy the best of ocean blogging:

Deep-Sea News offers us a yin/yang vision of two possible ocean futures. They "see our modern industrial culture as a blind man wandering down a forking path with a divining rod, flipping a Ying-Yang coin, with a Devil on one shoulder and an Angel on the other. The blind man never knows what to do exactly, just to keep moving forward." Terrific stuff. glass half full / glass half empty

The Natural Patriot celebrates World Ocean Day, admires the ocean and reminds us with beautiful words that the roots of biology often lie in biophilia--love of life.

Certainly one of the best ever of ocean blogging at 140,000 hits, the creeping crinoid at Zooillogix deserves a look.

Are you inspired by this World Ocean Day but simultaneously worried that it's a distraction? Maybe you're pondering the "one-off effect" of Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea lice, and Sunsets and you'll need to check back in a year to see if Ocean Day and especially ocean blogging and the carnival of the blue is a help or just a distraction for the bloggily inclined.

If you've never met a hagfish, then you have to stop by Shifting Baselines and learn about slime and soul food. Anyone who blogs hagfish is a hero of mine, and she does it again on world oceans day with a tribute to the unglamorous.

Who knew we'd find oceans at Daily Kos? Find out how pearls are formed at Mark H's diary, and it's not how you think. Did you know that the world's largest pearl weighs over 14 pounds?

Did you know that the ocean burps, and what it means? Learn about radiocarbon dating and ocean releases of CO2 at surf.bird.scribble

What would an expert on the organic food business say about the future of oceans and seafood sustainability? Chews Wise views sustainability as a process more than specific standards, and wonders about how to keep it real in the future.

No discussion of a sea creature seems possible without "hearing some knucklehead ask how it goes with lemon and butter, " a maxim henceforth to be known as Gorton's Law suggests, who also has an interview with a giant squid scientist.

At Island of Doubt, the fascination with two lost whales raises questions about people and whales.

And speaking of those two whales, Retrospectacle looks at the spectacle as an opportunity to sing about whale songs and even link to whale songs

Ocean blogging from the South Pacific includes The Saipan Blog from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

We even have a voice from fishery management further South in Noumea, Gonedau-fishy musings from the Pacific islands, where big ideas meet island realities such as long download times for New Caledonia-based servers.

Swim on over to biodiving if you want to know more about diving in Italy and happen to speak italiano.

A real world ocean celebrity who bests the one word name people by going with a single letter, J blogs his love of Sea Turtles and fishermen who help save them, ocean poetry, and more.

Kate Wing offers her thoughts on World Ocean Day and what you can do to make things better.

Advice on how to use oysters as an early warning sign of pollution is available at The Blue Economy

Over at Coral Bones, we have extinction risks for Caribbean corals, sobering news even for an optimist

Check out the thoughts on surfing, beaches, and building a house in tune with the beach at Three Tree Journal

Water Words That Work offers, well, water words that work when you want to talk to people about saving the ocean.

Real ocean politics from the people who know, Ocean Champions enters the blogosphere next week and will be worth watching.

Chef Barton Seaver of Hook, a sustainable seafood restaurant in Washington, DC, offers these inspiring thoughts on why he does the great things he does.

Blue meets green over at, with an interview of an ocean blogger that has some sharp spines.

Ready to reach beyond your comfort zone, and try something new to bring people and oceans together? Blogfish thinks you might enjoy it and it just might help.

And since some ocean bloggers escaped being hauled up into the carnival, either by resisting the bait or escaping detection, here's an "editor's choice" selection of ocean blogging picked up off the beach:

Ever wonder how an octopus hides itself? Check out this photo series of an octopus and some thoughts on the biology of camouflage from His Cephalopodmasness himself

From someone who knows, concerns about industrialization harming the seafood industry at Winding Glass

Surfers care about ugly, smelly little fish just as much as great waves, or maybe almost as much.

Read about fishermen getting mad at a photo crew catching some nasty business, how the targets of protests feel about being targeted, and more at Oceana's blog...and tell them to burn a feed.

And speaking of activists raising ire, Greenpeace is still around and tracking those that do other than they would have them do, like hunt whales, and now blogging about it. I hear rumors of a Greenpeace interview going up on World Oceans Day, and I'll add it if the rumors are true. Sure enough, here's Greenpeace's John Hocevar with words from Alaska, asking are North Pacific fisheries really as "sustainable" as claimed.

Thanks to Jim Toomey of Sherman's Lagoon for the blue carnival logo (top left), thanks to Jason Robertshaw of for the carnival of the blue badge (middle left), and special thanks to Coturnix for encouragement and advice.

Wow, who knew there were that many of us?


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Congrats on your first carnival. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Lots of great stuff here. I look forward to sailing out and exploring along the various sealanes you've provided.

Anonymous said...

I second mark and emmett, congratulations! Your achievements closely match my goals.

Mr. Natural said...

I have blogged WORLD OCEAN DAY and the activism opportunity. I was hoping for a better link for my readers to click to go to the take action page, but hopefully what is there will inspire more ocean activists. Great blog, BTW.

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea -
best of luck & keep up the fantastic work!

Bleimydaus javanensis said...
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Bleimydaus javanensis said...
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Bleimydaus javanensis said...

This is awesome. Congrats!

Aaron said...

Mark, it's a great roundup, but shame on you for forgetting to mention the Gulf of Mexico - and our huge victory for sustainable fisheries management down here on the third coast.

Check it out on our blog

For our fish and our future,

Campaign Director
Gulf Restoration Network

Mark Powell said...

My bad, Aaron, and darn it you blog-scooped me on this one. I was trying to get to this issue but Carnival had me underwater.

Aaron said...

literally or figuratively?

Hodad said...

yes! feliz dia de la mar
I amay least blessed, got yo body surf in the OCEAN yesterday and today
and yes, Mr Natural, we need more ACCION!
ask me

vivo en El Salvador,
no mas de China, ni Russia, ni Japan afuera las costas nosotros, vale verga!

Angelo Villagomez said...

I missed the carnival! Sorry for not writing a specific post for this carnival (yet).

I was attending a retreat in the Marshall Islands and I was busier than I thought I would the Internet was slow and cost $10 per hour.

I'm going to write about "The Future of Conservation in Micronesia."

Mark Powell said...

This is just the beginning, I'll do the next carnival just after July 1st, covering June ocean blogging. Then maybe someone else will sign up to host early August, covering July ocean blogging. Volunteers? We'll put up a calendar on the carnival of the blue homepage.

Angelo Villagomez said...

I would be interested in hosting one.

Up Welng said...

count on me to step-up to host a carnival as openings are available... i always wanted to be a carnie... even though they smell of cabbage and have small hands... (apologies for the oblique austin powers reference)

Mark Powell said...

Great response to carnival of the blue! Posts were great, traffic was great, did others get traffic spikes? Good comments and feedback? I'll post a schedule on carnival of the blue homepage (linked at top of this post), and please sign up.